Intellectual property protection services in Europe


Receive maximum protection in Europe at all stages of intellectual property life cycle:

  1. Analyzing

    Performing a preliminary analysis of the appropriateness of intellectual property registration in Europe.

  2. Registration

    Performing all steps required to successfully receive intellectual property rights in Europe, from filing to granting.

  3. Maintenance

    Ensuring the continued validity of your intellectual property in Europe by paying all needed fees in due time.

  4. Prosecution

    Guarantee the intellectual property rights protection in Europe by using most efficient legal procedures.

  5. Management

    Includes transferring of intellectual property rights in Europe, intellectual property licensing and more.

for the following objects:

Why ZESTAD is your entry point in intellectual property protection in Europe?

Professional team

Professional team

High quality attorneys and specialists experienced in thousands of various patent and trademark cases more than 10 years. We shall provide you with the reliable protection of your intellectual property in Europe. Drop message and we will take care of your intellectual property portfolio in any country you need on all necessary stages required for protection of you intellectual property rights including financial operations!

Your personal account manager

Your personal account manager

Individual contact only with you as our client. Provides professional support on all workflow stages of every intellectual property case. Guaranteed response within one business hour.

International partners network

International partners network

Wide network of our trusted partners - European and Central Asian patent and trademark attorneys

Powerful IP on-line system (currently in development)

Powerful IP on-line system (currently in development)

Create any IP-related case on-line. Track, discuss and control any stage of the workflow in real-time